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Kireina means ‘Beautiful’ in Japanese.
At Kireina Art, we hope to bring the joy of art to the general public by facilitating individuals to produce ‘kireina’ pieces of paintings with Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) techniques which makes it possible to captivate any gender & age.
Our instructors have experiences in providing both face-to-face & online lessons to participants of different age groups.

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Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) is an easy-to-learn form of art that uses pastel and fingers to produce beautiful and colourful artwork. It also works well with other medias and the possibilities are countless.
Simple yet unique techniques of PNA makes it possible to create beautiful art piece within 20 mins; regardless of age or even to those with close to no experiences in art.

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“I love it! The instructor is very patient and

it’s fun to use fingers to paint.”

Matthias Leong

P6 Student

“Can mix a lot of colours, nice and beautiful!”

Geralynn Leong

P1 Student

“Yes they definitely enjoyed it! It was something very different from the usual art and craft they always do. They were quite mesmerised by the ways a crayon can help beyond the norm.… and then using fingers to rub it against the paper to form colour.
The instructors were also very fun and patient with the kids.”

Jasmine Ng

Student Care Assistant Centre In-charge

Cassandra teaching is great job… and the art piece so beautiful easy to follow .. well done👍😇💥💥🌈



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