Our Instructors

At Kireina Art, we hope to bring the joy of art to the general public by facilitating individuals to produce ‘kireina’ pieces of paintings with PNA techniques which makes it possible to captivate any gender & age.

Our instructors have experience in providing both face-to-face lesson and online lessons to participants of wide age group.

When I first got to know Nagomi in April 2020, I liked it instantly & enjoyed it so much that I organised workshops for my clients and friends to try. Practically everyone was delighted and it also proved that even persons (including me) who couldn’t paint could uncover hidden art talents.

Being an Advance Instructor of PNA, I would like
embrace the power of giving. I always believe that by giving a helping hand to those in need would attract positive energy.
I therefore would like to embrace this art into my job & have been trying to help my clients who are under a lot of stress to calm themselves through NAGOMI art.

Sheree Ang
Cassandra Tan
Through learning Nagomi art, it has kept me grounded and allowed me to unleash my creativity. Not only that, it has kept me focused and allowed me to experience the power of healing through art. I would highly encourage anyone to give this art a try as this art is suitable for anyone (with or without art background).

In fact, through this art I found it therapeutic when I see my own art pieces come “alive”.

I found my passion in Nagomi Art 6 months ago and never stopped painting! Pastel art allows me to paint anything I loved.. including scenery, animals and human portrait.

Hope to share this simple and yet beautiful art form to everyone!

Irene Bey
(Collaborative Instructor; Founder of Heart Story)

I got to know this lovely art form of Pastel Nagomi Art thru an introduction workshop.
I was so amazed with the final beautiful artwork created through a very simple, easy and unique ways of painting techniques.
I started my PNA journey since 2020 and obtained the Associate Instructor & Advance Instructor certificate from Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) in late 2020 & early 2021 respectively.
I hope to spread the joy of this pastel art to everyone.

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