Pablo Picasso once said,
“Art washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life”.
However, a large population of us shy away from art because we believed:
• we were not good at it,
• we have no time for it or
• simply, we have no interest in it.

What if, we could possibly:

Overcome all the above constraints?
Uncover the hidden artist in you?
Ignite your passion for art?
Turn your new found passion into a career?
We believe Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) could be the answer. How? Let’s find out.
What is Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA)?
Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) was founded in Japan by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu in 2002. The word Nagomi means Harmony in Japanese.

It is an easy-to-learn form of art that uses pastel and fingers (yes, literally fingers) to produce beautiful and colourful artwork. It also works well with other medias and the possibilities are countless.

Simple yet unique techniques of PNA makes it possible to create beautiful art piece within 20 mins; regardless of age or even to those with close to no experiences in art.

Video source: Mediacorp
Interests were built, as people of different age groups were intrigued by the “fun & surprise” experiences during the process while creating beautiful art pieces.
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