Our Vision

Beautiful art to you, beautiful souls.

Kireina means ‘Beautiful’ in Japanese.

At Kireina Art, we hope to bring the joy of art to the general public byfacilitating individuals to produce ‘kireina’ pieces of paintings with PNA techniques which makes it possible to captivate any gender & age.

Our instructors have experience in providing both face-to-face lesson and online lessons to participants of wide age group including:

1. Face to face lesson to more than 100 primary school students of varying levels from P1 to P5 which was logistically challenging due to the sheer size of the group and the requirement to comply with COVID safety measures

2. Teenagers

3. Working adults of all walks of life

4. Retiree / Senior Citizens

5. Face-to-face JPHAA certifying course for instructors

The delight we see from particpants after they completed their art pieces continue to convince us of what we already knew i.e. PNA is for all and it provides interactive platform for bonding among families and/or peers thus bring about harmony and relief from the stress of everyday life.

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